Know Before You Go

Know Before You Go

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Fort Drum Family and MWR
Most up to date changes
As of June 8, 2020

 * School Age Services, Chapel CDC, Po Valley CDC * Mission Required Only.

 * Family and MWR Administrative Offices: Monday - Friday 8am - 4:30pm

* Car Washes

 * Outdoor Recreation: Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm. Appointment only.

 * Automotive Skills Center - Tuesday - Saturday 8am - 4pm. Appointment only.

       *  Aquatics - Magrath Sports Complex Pool:
Monday - Friday from 6:30 - 8AM for the 10MDUnbreakableWarrior Only.

      *  Magrath Sports Complex:
Monday - Friday from 8AM - 7PM. Active Duty Only and Saturday from 9AM - 3PM for Active Duty Only. On DONSAs from 9AM - 3pm for Active Duty personnel only.

      *  Monti Physical Fitness Center:
Monday - Friday from 6 - 11AM. 10MDUnbreakableWarrior ONLY.
Monday - Friday from 11AM- 5PM. Active Duty Only and Sunday from 9AM - 3PM. Active Duty Only. On DONSAs from 9AM - 3pm for Active Duty personnel only.

      *  Atkins Functional Fitness Facility:
Monday - Friday from 11AM - 6:30PM for Active Duty Only. On DONSAs from 9AM - 3pm for Active Duty personnel only.

Must have on PT uniforms and have DoD ID card to enter and utilize all Fitness Facilities.


         * Remington Park Cabins, and R.V Sites:
OPEN for reservations, if you are coming fron within the 200 mile radius. Be aware there are some counties within the miliage that are still in the red and we cannot take reservations for them. These are also open to retirees within the milage. If you have any questions regarding this new update please contact our office.

      * Remington Park and Pond:
We are excited to say the playgrounds and dog park are OPEN! The pond is still open for catch and release fishing and kayaking. However at this time the pavilions, lodges, and beach area will remain closed. While using the park please see and use the singage as indication of what is open or closed. Due to no gatherings of over 25, the pavilions will stay closed until further notice. We hope to see all of your events down here soon, but at this time please refrane from hosting unautherized ORG days, birthday parties, work events ect.