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How many people regularly express gratitude? Studies have shown that expressing gratitude can have many health benefits, both emotional and physical. Keeping track of what we are grateful for can help us feel more relaxed, optimistic and less self-centered, allowing us to have deeper, healthier relationships. When we are focused on the positive aspects of our lives, we maintain a brighter, more optimistic outlook, helping us cope with daily stressors and experience a greater sense of happiness.

When we express gratitude to others, we feel more connected and perform better at school, at work, and in our interpersonal relationships. Gratitude may be the key to a happier, healthier lifestyle, which is why Fort Drum Family and MWR would like to invite the community to reflect things you are thankful for.

Family and MWR has launched #MountainOfThanks. This campaign has a goal of promoting positivity on Fort Drum and increasing awareness of what makes Fort Drum and the local community a special place to live, work, and grow. We introduced #MountainOfThanks in November 2017, but this is a theme we will carry throughout the entire year. Participation is easy! Follow us on Facebook to participate with us and learn how to get involved.

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