New Priorities for Child Care

New Priorities for Child Care

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Dear Child and Youth Services (CYS) Patron:

Please take the time to read over the new priorities for care. The Department of Defense changes to priorities for child care may impact some families. The intent is to ensure that priority access to child care is for military members.
The new priority for care will become effective on 1 September 2020. The updated DoD child care priorities applies to all new requests for child care and to children currently enrolled in full-day and regularly scheduled school age care in military Child Development Centers, School Age Care centers, and Family Child Care Homes. If you are affected you will be contacted. Parent Central Services will be monitoring priority levels and assisting patrons as needed.

Please contact Parent Central Services to address any issues or concerns. My point of contact for this notice is Elene Nemergut, PCS Director at 315-772-3677 or

Evelyn Eggins-Alston, M.A.M.L.

Chief, Child and Youth Services


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