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11042 Mount Belvedere Boulevard
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Serving Soldiers and Families in Transition

Soldier and Family Assistance Center Mission Statement
The Fort Drum Soldier and Family Assistance Center strives to provide a supportive environment for Soldiers and Family Members as they deal with the stress and uncertainty of injury and the effects of war.

The SFAC provides direct services, as well as referral, liaison and coordination with installation and local agencies to deliver non-medical services to Soldiers and Families assigned to the 3-85th IN Warrior Transition Battalion, Soldiers in the Integrated Disability Evaluation System process and their Families, Families who remain in our area while their Soldier heals elsewhere, and the Spouses and Families of our Fallen Warriors.

Our team of professionals is here to ensure that Soldiers in Transition and their Families are provided the best services available, in order to reduce the confusion and stress of this period of healing and transition.


Soldier Services and Contact Information

Soldier for Life Transition Assistance Program (315)772-0838

  • Career Counseling
  • Job Search Support
  • Resume/Employment Workshops
  • Job Fairs and more

CYS Services Specialist (315)772-8672

  • Childcare and Youth Services Liaison
  • Resource Assistant

Education Specialist (315)772-3682

  • GoArmyEd Enrollment Assistance
  • Montgomery GI Bill/Post 911 GI Bill
  • Army and Civilian Testing
  • Educational and Guidance Counseling

Financial Counselor (315)772-6894

  • Budget Development Assistance
  • Financial Crisis Counseling
  • Financial Planning for the Future

Human Resources Specialist (315)772-1039

  • Updating Records, ID Cards and DEERS

Information and Referral and Follow-up Coordinator (315)772-7781

  • Provides answers to questions relevant to individual Soldiers and Families
  • Clearinghouse of resources and information
  • In and Out Processing for Soldiers and Families who are new to SFAC or WTB

Social Services Coordinator (315)772-0035

  • Information and assistance in finding solutions to life problems such as stress management, substance abuse and readjustment counseling

US Department of Labor (315)772-0837

  • Career Counseling
  • Job Search Support
  • Assistance with employer difficulties related to military service for National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers.

Veterans Benefits Counseling (315)772-2529

  • Information about Veterans Benefits and how to apply for them.

Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)
11042 Mount Belvedere Blvd
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Warriors in Transition assigned to the Warrior Transition Battalion (WTB)

Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC) services will be tailored and responsive to the needs of the WT and their Families. Most services will be present in the SFAC location in order to maximize the convenience to the WTs and their Families. Other services requiring less than a full-time presence will be brought forward to the SFAC at designated times. Still other services will be provided through priority off-site appointments coordinated by the SFAC staff. SFAC sites will provide a warm, relaxed environment where Soldiers and their Families can gather to foster physical, spiritual and mental healing.

The services identified to date to be present or coordinated in the SFAC are:

  • Entitlement and Benefits Counseling
  • Military Personnel Services, such as ID cards
  • Educational Services
  • Transition/Employment Assistance
  • Social services to include financial counseling, stress management, translator coordination and Exceptional Family Member services
  • Travel pay for Family members on Invitational Travel Orders (ITO)
  • Substance Abuse information and referral for Family members
  • Coordination of Legal and Pastoral Services

IMCOM: Soldier and Family Assistance Center (SFAC)

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