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School Support Services (SSS) provides Army school-aged youth with educational opportunities, resources and information necessary to achieve academic success. A branch of Child and Youth Services (CYS), SSS is home to the School Liaison Office, where School Liaison Officers (SLOs) help deliver the best educational resources and information for your children.

We specialize in education transitions, and make sure incoming and exiting Families have information about local schools, graduation requirements, after-school services/programs, youth sponsorship programs and home schooling. We also help parents better understand the education process, school organization and interaction strategies.

How SLO's Can Help
  • Build relationships and facilitate communication among Army Families and the local school community 
  • Inform and assist parents with school transitions and deployment challenges
  • Establish school and community partnerships
  • Facilitate access to home school resources for parents
  • Provide information about college and other post-secondary opportunities and preparation materials
  • Inform and assist parents on youth education and school issues
Finding a School

Registering you Child for school in a new location can be confusing. We know you want to get your kids settled in their new schools as quickly as possible. That’s why we work hard to help you identify local schools that fit best for you and your family. We can help you with information about how to register your child, including documents you’ll need to complete, school year start dates and age requirements.  You can also contact our office and we’ll be glad to meet with you to offer more detailed information.  To get started, check out some of these links below. You can also contact our office and we’ll be glad to meet with you for more detailed information.

References and Resources for Special Education

Highly mobile children are entitled to an expedited process, including: a). evaluations in 30 days instead of 60 days, b) removed delays due to school district schedules for families moving during incomplete screenings, c) continued Extended School Year for students moving in the summer.

The Center for Parent Information and Resources offers education, acronyms, tools, webinars and a directory of local Parent and Information Training Centers to help parents advocate for their children. The center focuses on proactive support and personal accountability. 

Military OneSource has a range of resources to help with caring for a family member with special needs including education, health care, legal, financial points of contact, EFMP, School Liaisons, etc.

Military Community & Family Policy Office of Special Needs provides a directory of age-specific resources and States-at-a-Glance for localized special education resources and information.

Free Army sponsored online training for educators and parents on a host of special education topics at

DirectSTEP course listing 

DirectSTEP registration


Transition Support

We understand that military transitions for children include much more than school plans and enrollment. We have a number of resources to help make your move as easy as possible for the kids, including:

Military Kids Connect provides online age-appropriate resources to help parents, teachers and children cope with the unique challenges of military life.

The Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunity for Military Children (MIC3) addresses key transition issues military Families experience, including enrollment, placement, attendance, eligibility and graduation. All fifty states have signed the compact and are in varying stages of implementation and/or compliance. The compact applies to children of Active Duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members on active duty orders and members or veterans who are medically discharged or retired within past year. Read more. 

School Transition Information: School Liaison Officers are located on each installation to assist military Families with school transition and other education-related issues.  Go to Army OneSource for more information.

Military Youth on the Move the Department of Defense designed Military Youth on the Move as one-stop shop for parents and students with moves and deployment.

Academic and Behavioral Support

We can help you find information and resources for academic and behavioral support, including: for U.S. Military Families makes live tutors available online 24/7 to help with more than forty core subjects and standardized test preparation.  

Homework Support: Army Child & Youth Services provides homework labs in before/after school programs for elementary students at the School Age Center, and for middle and high school students at the Youth Center. 

Support/Resilience Programs:  School Support Services include information about other programs you can use for support and resilience-related issues.

Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCs) are available to meet in-person on or off the military installation. The free non-medical sessions are anonymous and may occur in individual, couple, family or group settings. Child Behavioral Specialists are located on the installation in Child & Youth Services programs, and in highly-impacted schools located on and off the installation.

Military OneSource has access to free non-medical counseling that’s anonymous and available online, by phone or in person. Twelve free sessions may occur in individual, couple, family or group settings.

Real Warriors is a multimedia behavioral health support center with tips for helping children cope with deployments and reunions.

National Military Family Association produces MyMilitaryLife, a free iPhone and Android app that provides Families with credible information tailored to your needs. 

Army One Source

Post Secondary Support

Our support doesn’t end with elementary education. If you have children preparing for academic life after high school, we can help you find information about testing opportunities, scholarships and military-specific resources that can help you plan.

Military-Specific and Government Academic Support information: G.I. Bill

Transferability of Educational Benefits:

In-State Tuition Programs for Military: Service members on active duty for a period of more than thirty days and their dependents are eligible to receive in-state tuition at many public colleges and universities in the state where they reside or are permanently stationed. An enrolled dependent may pay in-state tuition as long as he or she remains continuously enrolled at the institution, even if the service member is reassigned outside of the state. Regulations outlined in the Higher Education Opportunity Act, 2008 (P.L 110 - 135) and the Higher Education Act of 1965

College and Career Readiness: College and career readiness includes the content knowledge, skills and habits that students must have to be successful in post-secondary education. It also includes training that leads to a sustaining career. A student who is ready for college and career can qualify for and succeed in entry-level, credit-bearing college courses without needing remedial or developmental coursework.

Let us help you plan for your child’s college and career readiness:

College and Career Readiness

College and Career Readiness and Success 

Counselor Connection 

Army One Source Military Scholarship Handbook

Moving On

When it’s time to transition to your next installation, we have support ready to help you.

School Transition Information: School Liaison Officers are located on each installation to assist military Families with school transition and other education-related issues.  Go to Army OneSource for more information.

Military Youth on the Move the Department of Defense designed Military Youth on the Move as one-stop shop for parents and students with moves and deployment.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Common Core State Standards and Assessments?

The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) focus on developing the critical-thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that students need for entry-level careers, freshman college courses and workforce training programs. The standards detail what K-12 students should know at the end of each grade. Most states and the Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) have adopted the standards in English Language Arts and mathematics. There are two assessments being developed to measure student success (Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers and Smarter Balanced). The decision of which assessment to use is determined by individual state education agencies.  


What is a Unique Military Child Identifier? Numerous states have enacted a voluntary report-only self-identification of military children within their public school systems. This data collection would allow monitoring of critical elements such as academic progress and proficiency, special and advanced program participation, mobility and dropout rates. Requirements and methods of collection vary from state to state.


What are Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) Schools?  DoDEA is a civilian agency of the Department of Defense that manages schools for military children (pre-kindergarten through K12) on a limited number of installations in the United States and worldwide. DoDEA operates the Domestic Dependent Elementary and Secondary Education Schools (DDESS) within the U.S. and the Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DoDDS) overseas. While DoDEA schools do not fall under federal education programs like No Child Left Behind (the Elementary and Secondary Education Act - ESEA) there is a formal agreement between the Department of Education and the Department of Defense that provides for cooperative arrangements. DoDEA schools use the Common Core State Standards and follow the accountability guidelines mandated for all public schools receiving ESEA funds.

Local Fort Drum Area Schools & New York School Statistics

On-Post Students

Students living on Fort Drum will attend school at Carthage Central or Indian River Central. Click on this link to see how Fort Drum is split between the Carthage Central School District and the Indian River Central School District. Use this map as a guide to find out in what district you reside and what Elementary/Primary building your child will attend. Please note: this map is an unofficial guide for Elementary/Primary building guidance. Official determination rests with the public school district you reside in.

Off-Post Students

Students living off Fort Drum will attend school in the town or district in which they reside. Click on this link for a map of all of the public school districts in the Fort Drum area that educate military-connected students.

Off-Post Public Schools

Alexandria Central

Beaver River Central

Belleville Henderson Central

Carthage Central

Copenhagen Central

General Brown Central

Gouverneur Central

Harrisville Central

Indian River Central

LaFargeville Central

Lowville Academy

Lyme Central

Sackets Harbor Central

Sandy Creek Central

South Lewis Central

South Jefferson Central

Thousand Islands Central

Watertown City Schools

Off-Post Private Schools

Carthage Augustinian Academy

Faith Fellowship

Immaculate Heart Central

St James Catholic School


New York State School Statistics

The New York State Education Department posts a web site with the statistical report card for every school district in the state. For more information about the schools in our area (Jefferson & Lewis Counties), see the NY State School District Report Card Site.


New York State Graduation Requirements

To graduate from high school in the state of New York, the following credit requirements must be met:

  • English - 4 units
  • Social Studies - 4 units
  • Math - 3 units
  • Science - 3 units
  • Language other than English (LOTE) - 1 unit
  • Art/Music/Dance/Theater - 1 unit
  • Health - 1/2 unit
  • Physical Education - 2 units
  • Electives - 3 1/2 units

Total: 22 units

In addition, students also have testing requirements in the form of the New York State Regents Exams. To learn more about specific assessments necessary for graduating in New York State, as well as different diploma options for students, visit the New York State Education Department.

Home School Options

All home school Families are required to register with the school district in which they reside. Fort Drum has a local home school group that is very active. Monthly meetings are held for parents and children to discuss concerns, issues, and accomplishments. This group is very knowledgeable regarding home school regulations. They offer support and many great ideas. For local home school resources contact the Fort Drum School Liaison Officer at (315)772-3214 or email the Fort Drum School Liaison Officer.

Home Schooling Legal Defense Association

New York State Home School Regulations

New York Special Education and Special Needs

New York State Educational Services are some of the best in the country. The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) can assist parents with the Individual Educational Planning process. EFMP Navigators can assist Families in navigating many of the educational and social agencies that Family members may have to encounter. They can be reached at (315)772-0664 or (315)772-5488.

Military One Source offers a special needs toolkit: a valuable resource for military Families. Contact them at 1-800-342-9647 or on the web,

Frequently Asked Questions from Fort Drum Families

Frequently Asked Questions from Fort Drum Families

“What school district will I attend if I live on-post?”

Families living in the Adirondack Creek, Crescent Woods, or Monument Ridge housing communities will attend the Indian River Central School District. Within the housing communities that attend Indian River, students in Kindergarten to 3rd grade will attend one of four primary school buildings in the district. Depending on where you reside, students will either attend Antwerp Primary, Calcium Primary, Evans Mills Primary, or Theresa Primary. Families living in the Rhicard Hills Housing Community or in the Leray Mansion area will attend Carthage Central School District. Within the housing communities that attend Carthage, students in Kindergarten to 4th grade will attend one of three elementary school buildings in the district. Students will either attend Black River Elementary, Carthage Elementary, or West Carthage Elementary.

To find out what elementary or primary building your child will attend, you can use this map as an unofficial guide: On-Post School Districts/Elementary-Primary Building Guide


“What school district can I attend and be able to use before and/or after school care on Fort Drum?”

In order to utilize bussing that travels to and from the School Age Center on Fort Drum, families need to live in either the Carthage or Indian River school districts. You may live on or off post and still use before or after school care. No other public school district (Watertown, General Brown, etc.) provides bussing to or from the School Age Center. 

In addition, if you live in either the Carthage or Indian River district and would like to attend a parochial school in Watertown or Carthage, your child will have bus transportation to and from the School Age Center to their parochial school.


“Can I attend a parochial school and live on Fort Drum?”

Yes. Augustinian Academy, Faith Fellowship Christian School, and Immaculate Heart Central all have on-post students attending school in their buildings. Bussing is providing from the public school district that you reside in.


“Is bussing provided to and from school?”

Yes. Bussing is provided for every student attending school on Fort Drum, free of charge. 


“What will I need to provide for documentation in order to register my child in school?”

You will need a completed registration packet for each child you are enrolling. All school districts have their own unique registration packet that can be found on their school district’s website. Carthage and Indian River registration packets can also be found in the Parent Central Services office in Clark Hall. 

You will need to provide your school district with a proof of address. A physical street address is required. Students cannot be enrolled with only a housing community listed.

You will need information about the previous school that your child attended. Hopefully the last school gave you a hard copy of student records prior to leaving. Previous report cards may also be useful. If not, please have on hand the name and address of the last school your child attended.

Your child’s most recent physical and Immunization records are also necessary. A new physical may be required by the district upon entry. 

School districts also ask you to provide the district with a proof of age. You will need to have a copy of your child's birth certificate and their Social Security Number. If the child(ren) have a different parent listed on the birth certificates, then you will need some sort of document that shows you have custody of the child. 

Please also provide any special needs documentation from the last state you resided in. 


“Can I enroll my child into school if we are using temporary housing?”

Families can enroll in school if they are using temporary lodging. Depending on the lodging, you may be attending either the Carthage or Indian River school district. We would highly suggest contacting the Fort Drum School Liaison in a situation like this to discuss schooling options that you may have.


“Can I switch districts or buildings if I want to attend a different school?”

New York is a district of residence, meaning that your children go to school in the district where you reside. Districts and buildings are assigned by location and once you are settled, you are required to attend the location that you are assigned. If you would like to attend a specific district or particular building, contact the School Liaison prior to choosing housing.

Additional State and National Educational Resources

Jefferson County, New York Resource Links

Community Action Planning Council of Jefferson County

Jefferson County DSS

Jefferson County Mental Health Services


New York State Educational Links

New York State Common Core Curriculum

New York State Department of Education


Financial Resources by County

Jefferson County

Lewis County

St. Lawrence County


National Links
4H Clubs

Army OneSource

Boys and Girls Clubs of America

DoDEA Education Partnership

FMWR Command

Free Live Tutoring

Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE)

Military Child Education Coalition

Military Impacted Schools Association

Military One Source


National Military Families Association

After School and Enrichment Opportunities

After-School Enrichment Opportunities

Students in grades 6–12 have the opportunity to utilize the Fort Drum Youth Center. The Fort Drum Youth Center offers a variety of programs for middle school and high school students after school, on Saturdays, and with summer programs. Membership to the Youth Center is free. For registration or program information, please visit the Fort Drum Youth Center webpage or call (315)772-6719.

The Fort Drum School Age Center (SAC) offers a supervised, comprehensive before and after-school program, as well as full day care during school out days for children in grades Kindergarten–6th grade. Cost for your child is determined by household income. For more information, please visit the Fort Drum School Age Center webpage or call (315)772-4411.

Both programs offer the following activities in these four main areas:

  1. Sports, Fitness and Health Options
  2. Arts, Recreation and Leisure Activities
  3. Life Skills, Citizenship, and Mentoring
  4. Intervention/Support Services

The Carthage and Indian River school districts provide busing to SAC for pick-up and drop-off and drop-off only at the Youth Center, to families living on Fort Drum and whose children are register and enrolled to use those programs.

The Fort Drum Child and Youth Services Sports & Fitness Program emphasizes safety, participation, fun and good sportsmanship. All registered participants are evaluated, assigned to a team, issued a basic uniform and guaranteed a specific amount of playing time.

The program is designed to provide all youth the opportunity to participate, develop fundamental skills, and grow in an atmosphere of sportsmanship, citizenship, and teamwork.

Local school buildings also offer after-school opportunities. Clubs, enrichment opportunities, and other after-school activities may be available at the school your child attends. To find out what’s happening, please visit your school district’s website. for Military Families

One-to-one academic tutoring and on-demand homework help is available at no cost to eligible students in Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps families, including National Guard and Reserve, through funding from the U.S. Department of Defense. Eligible students include grades K–12 children and service members, plus some spouses and adult children. Coast Guard service members and their families are also eligible to use at no cost through funding from Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA). for U.S. Military Families allows students to connect anonymously to an expert tutor online at any time for personalized help with homework, studying, test prep, proofreading and more. Eligible students can create an account and log in at

Other Enrichment Links

National Association of Secondary Principals List of Approved Contests, Programs, and Activities for Students

NY Family Literacy Calendar

Learning Tools by Different States/Grades/Subjects

Youth Sponsorship

Transitioning youth often have questions concerning their new community and how it compares to the community they are preparting to depart. The lack of knowledge of the area and the apprehension of leaving friends often makes moving a frightening experience. Interested Families can request a Youth Sponsorship by completing the Fort Drum Youth Sponsorship Application and emailing it to [email protected] 

By emailing it to the above address, it will be sent to Fort Drum Child and Youth Services and Youth Programs will contact your Family about connecting your child to a Youth Sponsor who can help answer questions and make moving a little easier.

For more information or to request sponsorship, call the Fort Drum Youth Center at (315)772-6719.

Important Dates for School Year 2018–2019

The first day of school for all districts is Tuesday, September 4, 2018, with the following exceptions:

  • Wednesday, September 5, 2018: Copenhagen, Lowville, and Sandy Creek


The break/holiday schedule for the 2018–2019 school year is as follows:

All districts November 21–23, 2018

All districts December 24, 2018–January 4, 2019, with the following exceptions:

  • December 24, 2018–January 1, 2019: Beaver River, Copenhagen, Lowville, Sandy Creek, and South Lewis

Winter Break
All districts February 18–22, 2019

Spring Break
All districts April 15–22, 2019, with the following exceptions:

  • April 15–19, 2019: Augustinian, Belleville-Henderson, Carthage, General Brown, Gouverneur, Sackets Harbor, and South Jefferson

For additional school information, please contact your school directly. Any questions and/or concerns pertaining to your child’s school, please contact the Matt Rogers, Fort Drum School Liaison, at (315)772-3214.

2018–2019 SAT and ACT Test Dates, Times, and Locations

The Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) for the 20182019 school year will be conducted at Watertown High School on the following dates:

  • October 6, 2018
  • December 1, 2018
  • March 9, 2019
  • May 4, 2019
  • June 1, 2019

The American College Test (ACT) for the 20182019 school year will be conducted at Jefferson Community College on the following dates:

  • October 27, 2018
  • December 8, 2018
  • April 13, 2019
  • June 8, 2019
  • July 13, 2019

Both tests have registration deadlines and fees.

To register for an SAT exam, visit:

To register for an ACT exam, visit:

For additional information on SAT and ACT testing, please contact your school guidance department directly. Any questions and/or concerns pertaining to your child’s school, please contact Matt Rogers, School Liaison Officer, at (315)772-3214.


College Entrance Examination Board (CEEB) Area High School Codes
Alexandria High School - 330115
Beaver River High School - 330365
Belleville-Henderson High School - 330380
Carthage High School - 331250
Copenhagen High School - 331475
Faith Fellowship High School - 335810
General Brown High School - 331625
Gouverneur High School - 332145
Harrisville High School - 332280
Immaculate Heart High School - 335820
Indian River High School - 334500
LaFargeville High School - 332725
Lowville High School - 332925
Lyme High School - 331330
Sackets Harbor High School - 334975
Sandy Creek High School - 335030
South Jefferson High School - 330005
South Lewis High School - 335653
Thousand Islands High School - 331390
Watertown High School - 335815
2018–2019 School Year Kindergarten Screening Dates

The following are specific kindergarten screening dates and the telephone numbers of the schools. Call the district in which you live to schedule a registration appointment during the screening dates provided below. For additional information on kindergarten registration, please contact your school directly. Any questions and/or concerns pertaining to your child's school, please call Fort Drum School Support Services at (315)772-3214.

School District/Building Phone Kindergarten Screening
Alexandria 315-482-9971 Mid-May
Belleville Henderson 315-846-5411 May 3
Beaver River 315-346-1211 May 17–18
Carthage School Central:    
          Black River 315-773-5911 May 29–31
          Carthage 315-493-1570 May 30–31 and June 1
          West Carthage 315-493-2400 May 21–23
          Augustinian Academy (Parochial) 315-493-1301 Anytime
Copenhagen 315-688-4411 May 15–16
General Brown Central:    
          Dexter 315-779-2300 Pre-register now
          Glen Park 315-779-2300 Pre-register now
Gouverneur Central:    
          East Side 315-287-2260 Pre-register now
          West Side 315-287-3200 Pre-register now
          St. James (Parochial) 315-287-0130 Anytime
Harrisville 315-543-2707 May 16–17
Indian River Central:    
          Antwerp 315-659-8386 May 30–31
          Calcium 315-629-1100 May 22–24
          Evans Mills 315-629-4331 May 9–10
          Philadelphia 315-642-3432 June 4
          Theresa 315-628-4432 June 5–6
LaFargeville 315-658-2241 June 6–7
Lowville 315-376-9005 Pre-register now
Lyme 315-649-2417 May 4
Sackets Harbor 315-646-3575 May 10
Sandy Creek 315-387-3445 Pre-register now
South Lewis Central:    
          Glenfield 315-348-2620 June 1
          Port Leyden 315-348-2660 May 31
South Jefferson Central:    
          Mannsville 315-465-4281 May 18, 21–22
          Wilson 315-583-5418 May 14–16
Thousand Islands Central:    
          Cape Vincent 315-654-4599 June 5
          Guardino 315-686-5578 May 22–23
Watertown City Schools:    
          Knickerbocker          315-785-3740 May 16–17
          North 315-785-3750 May 16–17
          Ohio 315-785-3755 May 22–23
          Sherman 315-785-3760 May 14–15
          Starbuck 315-785-3765 May 16
          Faith Fellowship (Parochial) 315-782-9342 Anytime
          Immaculate Heart (Parochial) 315-788-7011 Anytime