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Youth Center and Youth Programs

The Fort Drum Youth Center offers a variety of leisure, developmental, and sports programs to middle school and high school students in grades 6–12. The Youth Center provides comprehensive, supervised services with after school, weekend, and summer programs.

Membership and use of the facility are FREE for eligible youth who are registered with Child & Youth Services! Browse our Youth Center Brochure for details. 


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Youth Center Registration and Orientation

The simple Middle School & Teen Registration form makes the registration process quick and easy. Forms are available at the Youth Center. The form needs to be returned to the center and a staff member will contact the parent and confirm the information on the form. Once the confirmation process is complete, the teen is able to visit the center and participate. Special needs, allergies or other medical conditions may lead to exceptions. Parents of youth with medical conditions are required to register at Parent and Central Service. Appointments are made by calling.

It is important that youth know the program guidelines and have a safe, positive experience at the Youth Center. To ensure that happens, we need to educate members and parents on the overall program philosophy, facility guidelines, and behavior expectations.

Included in the registration packet is the parent orientation form. Members and parents are encouraged to attend a formal Parent and Youth Orientation within 60 days of registering with the Youth Center. During the orientation, members and parents will have the opportunity to meet staff, tour the facility, and ask questions. They will also have the opportunity to complete documents to allow the use of the technology lab and other areas of the facility as well as complete applications for other national youth organizations.

Orientation is held at 6 pm every 2nd Monday and every 4th Thursday of each month.

Fort Drum Youth Center Facility

The Youth Center is a community-based program specializing in providing fun, safe and recreational programs and activities to youth in grades 6–12. You will find a structured organization dedicated to providing programs that promote healthy youth development in order to become productive citizens. Programs are offered in a variety of locations and times. The Youth Center partners with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and 4-H. These partnerships allow us to offer time-tested, quality programs for teens. In addition, the partnership increases training opportunities for the staff and scholarship opportunities for members.

Technology Lab
The Technology Lab offers plenty of learning and exploration opportunities. With 15 computer stations connected to the internet, a SMART Board, LEGO Robotics Kits, digital camera and video cameras, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Recording Studio
The music room/recording studio offers members the opportunity to listen to music and play musical instruments. You also have the capability to digitally record your original music. Sing or play an instrument and take the music file home with you that same day.

Demonstration Kitchen
Several life skills programs are offered and cooking is no exception. The demo kitchen is where our members learn these important life skills. From safety in the kitchen to how to prepare meals and snacks, these skills and much more are taught.

Learning Lab
The Learning Lab instructor provides supervised homework assistance as well as educational games and activities. Additionally, the instructor can work with your teen's school counselors to help tailor a program that will contribute to raising grades and studying for specific exams.

The Gallery
Let the creative spirit flow in the Gallery. This Fine Arts and Crafts room is waiting for you to come and show off your skills and is ready to help you develop new skills, from drawing to ceramics and much more.

The Gymnasium
The gymnasium, is always a popular activity space for members. A variety of team and individual sports are scheduled as well as non-traditional sports and activities. In addition, there is a climbing wall for those who are up for the challenge.

Programs and Activities

Fort Drum Youth Programs consists of a variety of programs and activities that are educational and developmentally appropriate as well as recreational and engaging. These programs are designed to meet the out-of-school needs of our members. Facility-based programs consist of clubs, self-directed activities and staff-led programs. Our programs are planned and coordinated based on the comprehensive Army Youth Program Framework, consisting of Four Service Areas, each area focusing on specific developmental outcomes:

1. Sports, Fitness & Health Options: Options for youth to engage in fun physical programs, to develop life-long healthy habits, and to acquire the life skills needed to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Options introduce youth to a variety of traditional and non-traditional sports or games through which youth learn sportsmanship, team-building, goal-setting, and self-discipline in a positive setting.

Programs include: High School Midnight Sports, Middle School Sports Nights, Climbing Wall, High School Reball, and Middle School Reball.

2. Life Skills, Citizenship & Leadership Opportunities: Opportunities for youth to serve their communities, develop leadership skills, experience the democratic process, and acquire skills needed to become productive, caring, and contributing members of society. Programs facilitate on-going workforce preparation, entrepreneurship experiences, and opportunities for peer-to-peer mentoring and computer competency.

Programs include:
Diversity Programs
Cooking Club
Passport to Manhood
Keystone Club
Torch Club
Youth of the Year
Youth Leadership Forum

3. Arts, Recreation & Leisure Activities: Activities and programs in the area of fine arts, to include performing arts, visual arts and literary arts. Recreation and leisure program options promote an appreciation for hobbies and the importance of relaxation in daily life.

Programs include:
Sewing & Quilting Club
Image Makers Photography Club
Fine Arts & Crafts
Drum Time
Music Club
Build Your Future

4. Academic Support, Mentoring & Intervention Services: Services and assistance in the areas of homework help, tutoring, study, goal-setting, and research skills. Program options promote health and prevention education, and teach conflict resolution and peer mediation.

Programs include:
Power Hour
Project Learn
Diplomas to Degrees
Conflict Resolution

Garrison Teen Council

Recognizing that teens are a valuable resource and have much to contribute to the overall success of the community, the Fort Drum Garrison Teen Council (GTC) was established. The GTC provides an opportunity for young people on Fort Drum and the surrounding areas to express their views and needs while contributing to the development and execution of teen programs and activities. The Council represents all teens in the community. Twice a year, at a minimum, the Council will brief the Garrison Commander and other community leaders on issues that impact the quality of life of middle and high school youth.

The Goals of the GTC are:

1. To provide teens the opportunity to directly influence their quality of life.

2. To provide feedback to the Garrison Commander on issues affecting teens.

3. Advocate for teens.

GTC Application Form

Youth Sponsorship

Transitioning youth often have questions concerning their new installation and how it compares to the installation they are preparing to depart. The lack of knowledge of the new community and the apprehension of leaving friends and the familiarity of the current community makes moving a frightening experience. The Army Youth Sponsorship Program is designed to ease fears of youth as they transition.

Youth Sponsorship Clubs are offered in the School Age Center and Youth Center. The Club members are trained to sponsor incoming youth and assist staff in planning, coordinating and conducting quarterly youth sponsorship events and activities to welcome new members and to say farewell to those that will be leaving. Youth departing Fort Drum will be offered the opportunity to request a sponsor from their gaining community. Parents clearing through Parent Central Services will be given the Youth Sponsorship Request Form to complete as part of the clearing process. Once completed, the form will be sent to the appropriate center for coordination.

Youth Sponsorship Request Form

Sponsor Application

Workforce Preparation and Hired Apprentice Programs

Workforce Preparation Programs
A career path is knocking at your door and it is time for you to see what is out there. Workforce Preparation helps teens prepare for employment and help establish future career goals. With fun and interactive web sites such as Career Launch, the use of classroom instruction, role-playing and hands on apprenticeship opportunities, middle and high school teens can start preparing for their future. Career, college preparation and financial planning workshops are also held throughout the year. So, step up your game and make yourself more marketable!

Workforce preparation programs are conducted year round. Programs and activities will be varied based on the needs and desires of the teen population.

Hired Apprenticeship Program
The Hired Apprenticeship Program allows teens to gain valuable work experience and skill development that enables them to successfully enter the workforce. Teens commit to working 15 hours a week to total 180 hours per term.

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